The Smartest Cookie Oven

CHiP was created by the team that brought you SideChef, the step-by-step recipe app named “our favorite cooking app” by The New York Times in 2016. In line with our goal to make cooking easier for everyone, we developed CHiP. WiFi-enabled and smart, he can integrate with other Smart Home systems and provides the easiest and fastest way to enjoy freshly baked cookies anytime and anywhere. Download the CHiP app and you’ll also be able to send CookieGrams™ to your friends and loved ones.

Perfectly Baked
Cookies On-Demand

Minimal Preparation and Clean-Up

Minimal Preparation
and Clean Up

Amazing Selection
of Flavors & Types

Designed to Fit Your Lifestyle

Designed to Fit
Your Lifestyle

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Perfectly Baked Cookies On-Demand

We designed CHiP to be the absolute best way to make freshly baked cookies. There’s virtually no preparation or clean-up necessary! Simply scan and drop a dough pod into CHiP, press start, and you’ll have freshly baked cookies with no mess in 10 minutes or less.

QuickConvect™ Air Flow System

CHiP’s QuickConvect™ Air Flow System has a 4” convection fan that blows hot air through specially designed air channels. This eliminates hot and cool spots, and ensures hot air flows around the oven at a consistent, even temperature to reduce cooking time and deliver perfect cookies every time.

Infrared Carbon Fiber Convection

Carbon Fiber Convection Heating Element (1300W) is more energy efficient than traditional electric elements and heats up instantly.

Fresh, Delicious, and NEVER Burnt!

Worry Free Cooking lets you go ahead and enjoy the party! You’ll never burn your cookies because CHiP knows precisely when they are ready and will automatically start cooling down at the right time.

Intelligent Baking

CHiP is a truly smart device that intelligently bakes cookies. Different varieties go through different chemical reactions as they bake, so we’ve programmed him to sense the cookie temperature throughout the baking process, ensuring each cookie is perfectly baked, every time.

Minimal Prep-Time, Goodbye Clean Up

We believe in responsible packaging without sacrificing convenience. We are using recyclable pods for the CHiP Dough Pods and are experimenting with disposable parchment wrappers. The removable Non-Stick PFOA and PTFE-Free Baking Tray is dishwasher safe which allows for a minimal clean-up baking experience.

Faster than baking from scratch

Our ready-to-bake dough pods make baking cookies easier than ever. You don’t need to bake from scratch or make a mess in the kitchen, which saves you time and effort.

You won’t need anything else.

Baking cookies with traditional methods requires a lot of costly kitchenware and ingredients – with CHiP you won’t have to buy more than what you need. 

Goodbye clean-up!

With CHiP’s Gourmet Cookie Dough, you won’t have to clean up the kitchen or do the dishes. Simply order our gourmet cookie dough, pop them in CHiP and let the app notify you when your cookies are ready to eat.

Amazing Selection of Flavors and Types

Everyone can enjoy CHiP cookies! From gluten-free to vegan options, choose from a huge variety of flavors. Our gourmet cookie dough offer more value by producing larger cookies than your regular store-bought varieties.

Can’t decide on a flavor? We’d like to create an assorted pack of pods so you can make different flavored cookies in one go, with CHiP being able to cook each one perfectly at the same time

Our Team of Cookie Experts

Nicky Barber


Before Nicky enrolled at the Institute of Culinary Arts, she was already developing cookie recipes for a well-known biscuit brand in South Africa. Today, she is the Director of Content at SideChef.


Cadence’s first foray into the kitchen as a child was baking cookies. Everything from chocolate chip to gingerbread, even creating 3-D gingerbread men. At SideChef, she’s the VP of Operations.


With a background in flavor compound applications, Peidi has brought her love for food and science together by developing recipes for FMCGs. Now she works hard as a Product Development Specialist at SideChef.

Delicious Dough

We’re working with our team of cookie experts to create our cookie dough wishlist. From Classic to Premium, we’re sure you’ll find flavors that suit you and your lifestyle.

Never Be Without Cookies Again

Our CHiP Gourmet Cookie Dough will be offered on an a la carte or subscription basis. Dough flavors will be sold in packs of 4 cookies each, and subscriptions will include 4 packs per month.

Designed to Fit Your Lifestyle

Whether you want cookies for breakfast at home, with a coffee in your office, as a snack post-workout, or to share with guests, CHiP will be there for you. From college students to working moms or dads, CHiP has a cookie for everyone and every situation.


No need to set time or temperature

The app knows exactly how to bake each kind of cookie perfectly. You can even customize your cookie preferences; from chewy to gooey, just tell CHiP your choice of perfect.


Love freshly baked cookies? So will your friends and family! Send a video or a text CookieGram™ that they can play or be read after CHiP has finished baking. It’s the perfect gift to wish someone luck on a big day or simply celebrate everyday moments.

Order Dough

Easily order our Gourmet Cookie Dough through the CHiP app so you’re ready whenever a cookie craving hits.

Manual Mode

Have your own go-to or secret family recipe? No worries, you can bake those cookies in CHiP too! He has a manual mode where you can customize the time and temperature to ensure that your dough recipes turn out just the way you like.

Your Cookie Companion

We’ve designed CHiP to not only be smart, but to have a personality. CHIP has a voice of his own and will interact with you during your cookie baking experience. When you connect with the CHiP app, he’ll remember your favorite cookies, remind you to order more dough, and even send you a greeting on your birthday!


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